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My Favourite Shoots of the Last 3 Years

by Annabel on 21 January 2015 12:44

At the risk of sounding a bit like one of those New Year TV compilations…

Turning a Difficult Situation into a Successful Photo Shoot

by Annabel on 08 November 2014 09:33

I was recently asked to do a photo shoot for two brothers (aged 20 & 22) who were very reluctant to be photographed, but were persuaded into the shoot by their father who understandably wanted some nice photos of his kids.

Fuji X-T1 in Vietnam

by Annabel on 28 August 2014 14:14

It's amazing there are still places you can easily access and find people living in really primitive environments. I am not talking poverty, but a very simple way of life.

Looking at Backgrounds Differently

by Annabel on 30 June 2014 09:09

Finding a great background can really transform your picture - but what makes a great background?

How to Photograph a New Family

by Annabel on 01 May 2014 09:49

"I really want a family photo with my new baby - but I don't want to look fat in the pictures!" I've heard this so many times, and it's a real issue with new mums.

iPhone 5s Photo Shoot

by Annabel on 27 February 2014 09:27

Dare to leave your DSLR at home and try a whole photo shoot on your iPhone?

Photographing People who don't like being Photographed

by Annabel on 19 December 2013 11:49

I recently did a shoot which reminded me how some people just don't want to be photographed...

Creating a Classic 21st Birthday Portrait

by Annabel on 30 October 2013 10:36

Many years ago people had their portrait painted at 21, and then later paintings gave way to classic photos. You might have a grandmother with a beautiful portrait hanging on the wall - or perhaps you remember those "coming out" pictures in Country Life Magazine?

HOW TO: Photograph Children on a Sunny Day

by Annabel on 30 August 2013 08:59

The best way to get great shots of children on a sunny day is to plan ahead, keep them motivated, and let them enjoy themselves!

Lingerie on Location!

by Annabel on 01 July 2013 09:32

Lingerie is not just for indoors! There's no reason why you can't shoot beautiful underwear outside. I love looking for alternative ways to shoot, so when Silver Key Lingerie, in Key West, approached me it was the perfect excuse to try something different.