Annabel Williams Biography

Annabel Williams Biography


In 1989, Annabel appeared on BBC1’s The Clothes Show and blocked their phone lines for 4 days. Thus began her meteoric rise to fame and firmly established her as probably the most influential portrait and wedding photographer of her generation.

“There is barely a professional or serious amateur photographer in the UK who does not know who Annabel Williams is… she dragged professional social photography in the UK, kicking and screaming from the dated images that dominated until the 1990s, to what it is today.” – Nigel Atherton (Editor) What Digital Camera

Frustrated by the static professional portrait photos of the time, Annabel set out to create a new and exciting genre of photography with her passion and desire to make ordinary people look fantastic in photos. Her unique and fresh approach to showing people how they “feel” rather than just how they “look” saw Annabel book 70 weddings in her first year of business. Soon hundreds of women were flocking from all over Europe to be photographed by her.

“Photographing people is 90% psychology and 10% technology.” – Annabel Williams

During the next 10 years Annabel appeared on many more TV programmes and in virtually every national newspaper and magazine.

She lectured worldwide for Fujifilm, Kodak and many other organisations. She won numerous awards for her unique and innovative photographic style. By the year 2000, Annabel was one of the highest paid portrait photographers in Europe; recognized for her extraordinary business success by the Cosmopolitan Woman into Business Award and Daily Mail Entrepreneur Award among others. Sought after by the public and press alike, she started to turn her attention to teaching others how to break free from the traditional constraints of photography.

“Annabel has taught and inspired a whole new generation of photographers with her enthusiasm and simplistic approach to photography.” – Canon UK

With the launch of Annabel Williams Contemporary Photographic Training, came another Williams’ revolution: changing the face of wedding and portrait photography by taking her non-techy approach mainstream in the UK. Annabel Williams Contemporary Photographic Training was responsible for the advent of the majority of today’s top portrait and wedding photographers. So much so that 2007 saw Canon UK team up with Annabel to launch the Annabel Williams Photographer of the Year Awards in recognition of this explosion of professional talent.

In 2009, Annabel recognised the changes the iPhone would bring to photography and began to include the consumer market in her teaching. She became the Photographic Expert for Asda Photo Centres and, the Envoy for Canon UK and later made training videos for Samsung. In 2011, Annabel launched a groundbreaking new website aimed at non-technical photographers. Via she now shares her innovative approach with the masses and is set to revolutionise the industry again.

Due to popular demand, Annabel has written a series of best selling photography books, renowned for their simplicity and practical application, published worldwide. Annabel splits her time equally between the UK and the USA, sharing her knowledge with and giving confidence to people who love photography and are keen to get the best out of their cameras and smartphones by keeping it simple.

“Annabel has an energy and enthusiasm for people that extends well beyond her professional interests and makes her a fantastic colleague to build business with.” – Rob Slaski (Company Director – Electronics 2009-2011) Asda Stores Ltd. (UK)