In a nightclub, should I just up the ISO?


Q. I’ve been asked to take some pictures at a party in a nightclub. Should I use your simple settings and just up the ISO? I imagine most people will be moving around on the dance floor in nightmare lighting! Please help! – Sharon Goodchild, North East Lincs UK

A. Hi Sharon, Unfortunately – this won’t work in a dark nightclub – sorry! You would need a flashgun; otherwise the images are likely to be blurred.

You can try doing some with a high ISO, say 1600, and hold it steady – you may not get a sharp shot, but this can sometimes look great, particularly if there are lots of coloured lights around – because you can get a really atmospheric shot of people dancing for instance. However, if you want a sharp shot of people’s faces, and it’s dark – you would need a flash. If you just rely on putting the ISO up to a crazy number, you will get a lot of noise (grain) on the shots too.

Check out the second question on – QUICK QUESTIONS: May/June because the answer has some useful settings on it for flash – use the setting I suggest for the dancing shots.

Hope this helps – and good luck!

Annabel x