What kit do you have in your camera bag?


Q. I’m really interested in knowing what kit you have in your camera bag? – Joey Richter, Brunssum, The Netherlands

A. Hi Joey, As of August 2012, my kit consists of:

  • Canon 1DS mark 3 with 70-200mm IS F2.8 Lens
  • Canon 5D mark 2 with 24-70mm IS F2.8 Lens
  • iPhone 4S and New Trent portable battery charger

I also carry a 15″ MacBook Pro Laptop, a WD portable hard drive and a Sandisk card reader for downloading my images. And occasionally a reflector!

Oh and a flashgun (but its not in my bag – its in a cupboard, brought out for the occasional wedding!)

That’s it – I don’t like clutter – I like keeping it simple. I use two cameras, so I don’t have to keep switching lenses, and I can work more quickly, and of course it means I always have a backup, which is essential when you are working as a professional photographer.

I am fortunate to have some fantastic cameras, but there are many much cheaper ones on the market, that are absolutely fine – you don’t have to have the top of the range to get great pictures. And I am really interested in seeing what’s happening with the new Compact System Cameras – these are going to be the future – and I’ll be buying one, just as soon as I am confident they do everything I want them to (more on that at a later date!).

My camera kit bag:

Annabel x