Summer Project Winners!


Congratulations to Tammy Brown of Australia – she is the winner of the Summer Project competition!

Tammy’s picture (above) shows great style and composition, together with a lovely expression on the boy’s face. The choice of clothes is great – as the colours and shapes work with the background perfectly, and I love the angle she has taken the shot from. It’s a fantastic picture with real impact.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. There were some amazing pictures, which showed you had a lot of fun going out and shooting for the theme of “Blue and Lines”. I was thrilled that so many people said it had really motivated them to go out and experiment, and given them a lot of confidence – yay! That’s what this blog is all about!

Check out some more of the fantastic entries below.

It’s always really difficult to make a final decision in a photo competition, and this one was no exception as there were some really great images to choose from, but I hope you’ll agree that Tammy’s image is a very deserving winner.

Tammy wins a personal photo training session, which will be the subject of a later blog, so you can all hopefully benefit from what she learns.

I couldn’t help but include three runner up prizes too, because I meant it when I said it was incredibly difficult to choose! Each runner-up will win a copy of my Portrait or Photo Art book.

Runner up 1: Portia Crossley, UK


Portia Crossley, This is a beautifully composed photo. The people look like they are really enjoying themselves, and I love the way they are out of focus, and the emphasis is on the blue lines of the water.

Runner up 2: Natalie Kenworthy, UK


Natalie Kenworthy, Natalie’s picture is very appealing – I just want to hug him! I love the composition, the soft colours, and the expression on the boy’s face – such a genuine and relaxed shot.

Runner up 3: Elisabeth Neville, UK


Elisabeth Neville, Elisabeth’s picture is beautiful – the soft and muted colours are gorgeous! It’s a great composition, and I love the serenity of this shot.


I’ve included a short list of images below so you can see some of the other great entries received.



Now you can see why it’s so difficult to choose a winner from such great pictures, sent in from all over the world.

Remember, if your picture didn’t make on this occasion, don’t be disheartened – enter it again in a different competition and you might just be lucky next time.  As I said in an earlier blog, one picture will usually stand out, or fit the criteria of a particular competition better than others.

The important thing is taking part – from what everyone has said, you’ve really enjoyed being given a project to focus on – so I am definitely going to do this again!

Thanks everyone – this was a lot of fun!  And you gave me a big challenge too!

Annabel x

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P.S: Here’s Tammy’s image at full size (I had to crop it slightly for the header on this blog). Congratulations again Tammy!