The Fit Guy


Well if this is work – bring it on! Out in Key West recently I happened to meet 22-year-old Jared at a party. Everyone in the room fell silent when he walked in (I nearly fell off my chair!) and within two minutes I had booked him for a shoot!

Amazingly, he had never had a professional photo shoot in his life – which was fantastic news to me! I love photographing people who don’t realise how good they can look in a photo – it’s much more fun than photographing trained models.


Jared loves skateboarding and it was an interesting shoot for me trying to keep up with him on my pushbike, carrying my camera, with his wonderful mum, Eve-Marie cycling along behind with a bag full of his clothes!  She did manage to squeeze into a picture with him later…


We started off shooting Jared on his skateboard so he could be himself and relax into it. But when we passed the laundry, it was obvious he needed to strip off and play the part. It certainly brightened up the day of all those ladies doing their washing!


I love natural light, and the light in Key West is amazing – those of you who know how I shoot, will not be surprised to find that the best light was in the “doorway” of the laundry!

I have photographed many people throughout my career, a lot of whom think they could be a model – it is very rare to find someone who actually could. And Jared definitely could – watch this space!


He is only 22, but can look 30-40 and has a diverse range of looks, which is unusual in someone so young. He has amazing eyes, stunning looks, a beautiful smile and a great personality – and we’ll definitely be seeing him in the magazines before long – I’m sure of it!


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