Valentines day is here again!


The key to getting great shots of couples is to make sure they really enjoy themselves! Get them to do lots of things which may feel silly at first, but if you can get them to trust you and realise that they will look really natural in the shots, then you’ll get great results.

Here are 5 tips for positioning couples


1. Instead of asking them to kiss each other – ask them to turn to each other and rub noses! This usually results in them falling about laughing and you’ll get some great shots.


2. Get them to dance! Say, “I know this will feel stupid – but it will look great – trust me!” Use a place with a wide background, such as a field of long grass – once they start dancing, they will forget all about you so you can keep snapping away.


3. Ask them to run towards you, laughing at each other – again it will feel false to them, but if you tell them you know this, but it will look fantastic – they will do it! Ask them to do this several times – first time hold your camera horizontal but slightly angled and zoomed out, and second time hold it upright, angled and zoomed in – which will give you more variety in your shots.


4. Focus on one person for a different kind of look – always make sure the out-of-focus person is not looking at the camera, which places more emphasis on the in-focus person – use F4 or 2.8 to get them out of focus, or move one person further back on F5.6. Repeat the shot for each person.


5. Do a piggyback! Make sure their faces are either sideways on, or if they are facing you, get the girl to lean right over his shoulder so their faces are together, as at F5.6 one person will be out of focus if you don’t do this. It makes it easier if you ask him to lean forward too. Make sure she is not holding on so tight that her arm gets squashed against him or it will widen it. Works best with long sleeves usually! When you finish this shot just say, “ok now drop her!” and if you’re ready, you will often get a really good shot of them laughing as he puts her down.

Happy Valentines Day!
Annabel x