Turning a Difficult Situation into a Successful Photo Shoot

by Annabel in Shoots on 08 November 2014 09:33

I was recently asked to do a photo shoot for two brothers (aged 20 & 22) who were very reluctant to be photographed, but were persuaded into the shoot by their father who understandably wanted some nice photos of his kids.

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Karen's Training Day!

by Annabel in Stuff on 08 November 2014 08:20

A few months ago many of you entered my Spring Project Competition and the winner was Karen O'Connor from Lincolnshire, who won a Personal Training Day. Read all about what happened and check out the video of our day together too!

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How do I photograph a late afternoon wedding in December?

by Annabel in Ask Annabel on 08 November 2014 09:10


I know lighting may be a problem as it's in England and I understand the high ISO, but other advice would be welcome. (I have photographed 2 previous weddings but both in summer).

Julie Walker, Shropshire UK

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